Who is the Holy Spirit?

He’s Holy;
He’s righteous;
He’s honourable;
He’s full of integrity;
He’s without sin; it’s impossible for Him to sin;
It’s impossible for the Holy Spirit to even think about sinning;
He cannot lie;
He cannot exaggerate;
He cannot fib, or tell a little white lie;
He cannot cut corners;
He cannot make excuses;
He cannot make up stories to justify his behaviour;
He always honours the Word;
He always honours the Lord;
He always honours what the Word honours;
He knows everything (He’s omniscient);
He understands all things;
He has more experience than you’ll ever have, so he’s seen every scam, lie, and
misrepresentation and cannot be part of them;
He leads; he never pushes, pressures, or intimidates you;
He’s consistent; constant and unchanging;
He cannot be deceived and he cannot deceive you – he cannot operate in deception;
He hates the devil and all his demons and their constant deceptive practices;
He cannot confuse you and he is never confused;
He never participates in confusion;
He never operates or participates in evil;
He’s never tempted by sin; NEVER!
He’s everywhere all the time (He’s omnipresent);
He’s solid, serene & unflappable;
He’s committed and determined to obey and uphold the Word of God—the Bible;
He’s level-headed and not changed by pressure, pride, status, etc.;
The Holy Spirit is totally committed to the Lord Jesus and the Father!
He will not, has not, and will never violate His character to please people or the
In other Words, the Holy Spirit is absolutely HOLY!

You should get to know HIM!

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