The Lord is my strength and my shield

“The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusts in Him and I am helped.
Therefore my heart rejoices and I will praise Him with song.”
Psalm 28:7

Here is another wonderful promise… as I trust in the Lord I am helped. Not only is He my strength girding me up in times of trouble but He is also my shield. A shield is a barrier. It keeps things from touching you. Think of an umbrella. The purpose of an umbrella is to keep you dry, not letting the rain touch you and get you wet. So also the Lord is a shield protecting us from what tries to come against us! Another divine connection! Trust brings strength and strength rejoices!  And better yet the word joy is the base or root of rejoice. Strength and joy tied together again. So be strengthened by joy and let your joy bring you strength.  Whatever your concerns, trials, circumstances joy will bring you out.
Won’t you try joy today?

Father, my world seems to be crashing in around me. Yet will I be joyful in you for I trust you to lift me up and strengthen me.

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