“Test Your Clutter Quotient”

I came across this paper, yellowed and typed on an old typewriter. (Do you remember those things?) I thought how relevant it is even for today. Enjoy the chuckle and remember to “do things decently and in order”

For each statement, give yourself 5 points for always, 3 points for sometimes, 1 point for seldom and 0 for never. Add up your points and see how you make out. The closer the total is to zero the better!

  1. I have old curtains or blinds that I’ve kept for years and am now storing.
  2. I save every drawing my children ever made and all their school papers from Kindergarten on.
  3. I keep ball point pens that skip or dried-out felt tip markers.
  4. I keep odd socks or pantyhose with one ruined leg.
  5. I own costume jewellery, pins, badges, brooches that I do not wear. (for good reason)
  6. I keep postcards, catalogues, magazines, memorabilia and other printed material because “it will be valuable someday”
  7. I never throw out free samples of anything, whether I use them or not.
  8. I keep decorations I do not want to decorate with.
  9. I save items I know will come in handy some day, but when I finally need them, I can’t find them.
  10. I have records and tapes, (CDs) that no one has listened to in years.
  11. I keep the boxes my appliances came in, so I have them when we move, or in case I must send them away for service.
  12. I have been known to buy something I had no previous inclination to own because it was a bargain too good to pass up on.
  13. I am slow to throw away dull disposable razors or sewing machine needles.
  14. I have “more than a year old” magazine laying around.
  15. I own clothes that do not fit or are ugly.
  16. I have old games, puzzles or patterns with missing pieces.
  17. I hang onto broken or never used hair gadgets (hot combs, rollers, dryers, stylers, etc.)
  18. I store jars with no lids because I know the lids will show up sooner or later.
  19. I have old wedding announcements, greeting cards or Christmas cards from people I can scarcely remember.
  20. I have been known to put up more shelves, build more closets or even put up an out-building and additions to store things in.