Dr. Brian and Brenda Scott are the founding pastors of Victory Christian Centre having launched the church in the fall of 1986.

Brian and Brenda are both graduates of Life Christian University.  Brian has a Masters of Arts in Theology and a Doctor of Ministry degree. Brenda graduated with a Master of Arts in Theology.

In addition, Brian and Brenda are graduates of Western University, formerly the University of Western Ontario. Brian has degrees in Business (HBA) and Law (LLB) and practised Law for 16 + years in the London area. Brenda has a degree in Social Sciences as well as Bachelor and Master’s degrees in Education. Brenda was both a teacher (TVDSB) and founding principal of Victory Christian Academy, a private Christian School for eleven years.

Brian is also the founder and president of Brian D. Scott Ministries which focuses primarily on teaching and training Christians to excel in the marketplace. ‘Wealth Producers’ teaches “Biblical Principles for Business Success” in seminars, conferences and meetings all over North America. Wealth Producers has published four books and numerous teaching CD and DVD series to empower believers to succeed in the business community. Wealth Producers encourages people to “Reposition their Thinking so Increase can Find Them!”

Brian has served on numerous ministry boards for international ministries operating in Canada and continues to serve on several ministry boards in the United States and in Canada.

Brian and Brenda have three children, Meaghen/Brenden, Matt/Fiona, and Melissa and five beautiful grandchildren, all of whom serve in the ministries of VCC and BDSM.

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