The joy of the Lord is my strength

“The joy of the Lord is my strength” – Nehemiah¬†8:10

The verb ‘is’ is known as a copula verb which means you can reverse the sentence and say “my strength is the joy of the Lord”. Either way, the promise is wonderful! Being joyful in the Lord is our strength. Being joyful brings strength to us. When that joy is centered on the Lord and the things that He is concerned about that translates into strength; for us to persevere, not quit or faint under adversity but to be confident, calm and filled with His peace.

On the other side, when we stand strong not quitting, not caving into circumstances we bring joy to the Lord! When He sees His children standing strong it brings a smile to His face. So, whether You ‘joy’ in the Lord and receive His strength for your life or it is your stand of strength bringing My Savior and Lord joy the result is similar. Joy and strength work together!

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the strength my joy in You brings to my life. May my life always put a smile on your face and bring you joy. I love you, Lord.

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