“Have a good one” The Loss of Manners

I find myself bombarded with this comment after I’ve for, when the phone call is over, when we are finished at the bank etc.?  I am at a loss to know what to say… have a good one what? What does “a good one” mean? The Urban dictionary states” it is a cool way of saying “goodbye” and “have a nice day” at the same time.  It’s friendly, but you also use it with people you don’t know or ones you don’t want to know at all. It’s a way to avoid talking anymore. There’s no thought put into what you want the person to have a good one of….

We used to say goodbye, have a good day, but now politeness and courtesy has gone the way of so many manners.  Down the tube! Why can’t we speak to others as though we mean it instead of saying” have a good one” A good one what?????  Respect for our fellow man seems to be on a spiral downwards. Teach your children to respond with something other than just” have a good one”.  No thought involved just a blurt of words which really means I can’t be bothered to think about what you might want a good one of!

Hello, good to meet you, goodbye, hope to see you again sometime, have a great day, see you later at least gives some thought to what you are saying.

Even entering and leaving, whether a party, a classroom, a church, …. Please don’t just walk on in past people you know without acknowledging their presence.  Please greet them on the way in and say something on the way out as you pass those you know/don’t know. We are called to be friendly, to be a witness for Jesus yet I see so many people even at church just walk on by 2, 3, 4 people as they come in and never a word….  My parents taught me manners, etiquette, on how to behave in public but it seems a whole generation has missed out. To me it is very sad. 

As a youngster I learned to introduce my friends properly. It was always the older one to the younger one first.

“Mom, I’d like you to meet my friend Jen.  Jen, this is my mom.”

Or if one held a higher rank, they would be introduced first.

Captain Stewart, this is my mother, Mrs. Palmer.  Mom, this is Captain Stewart, the head of the district Fire Department.

Let’s bring back manners!  Fashion is going retro…let’s do the same with manners.  You’ll be glad you did!