Everything Done Decently and In Order

“Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” Dr. M. T Barclay

Starting a new school year can be either hectic or smooth sailing. It only takes a bit of planning to
ensure smooth sailing. Here is a list that will assist you and your child/children to make a great

1. Start moving their bedtime back by 15 minutes every couple of days until they are at their usual
school bedtime. Please remember that children need at least 10-12 hours to be fully refreshed and
ready to concentrate.

2. Get the list of required items and purchase them before the end of August. That way they will be no
last minutes rushing that only agitates some children, especially the younger ones.

3. Remember that food they like is food they will eat.

4. In the last few days, practice getting your children up at the required time. That way the first day of
school won’t be a shock to their system! Or yours!

5. Make a list of everything they will need to take to school. Gather those items the night before and
place at the front door for easy retrieval. Lay out their school outfit.

6. Pray with your children before they go to bed. That their sleep will be sweet, that they will have no
fear. (Proverbs 3:24, Psalm 4:8)

7. Pray with them before they leave for school. There’s a few suggestions to get you started: that their
will have favour with schoolmates and teachers, that they can do all things through Christ who
strengthens them, that they will have wisdom and understanding and that they day will be blessed and
therefore they will have a great time.

You have the plan. Work the plan. Your performance will be great!

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