When my father and my mother forsake me, Then the Lord will take care of me.
Psalm 27:10

The word ‘forsaken’ means empty, abandoned or isolated. What a terrible way to feel especially if it is your family who has forsaken you. But the good news is God Loves you and wants you as part of His family. A friend of mine was forsaken by their parents but Jesus wrapped His loving arms around them and peace was found. God says in His Word that He will leave us or forsake us. Another wonderful promise from God! If you feel forsaken, isolated or abandoned by family or friends, the good news is that Jesus won’t leave you in that state. Ask Him to be a part of your life and commit to following Him today.

Lord, I feel so broken, forsaken by family and friends. I need You in my life, Lord. Help me to 
follow You and commit to You. Thank You for loving me and adopting me as Your own.

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